Services and Advantages


High Quality Products

Customers can be assured of both a wide choice of products, and also the very best medical devices available, as Innova Technologies Inc has a number of distributing partners in Latin America.



Competitive Pricing

Customers can be assured of cost-effective solutions, without compromising on quality. Special pricing is always available for large or regular purchases and flexible finance options are offered for all system purchases.



Timely Delivery

We understand that product availability is critical. For this reason, Innova Technologies operates with a sense of urgency widely accepted by customers.


Reliable Company With Good Reputation

Innova Technologies is an independent US company dedicated to supplying laboratories with the very best diagnostic products available, together with exceptional customer service. Established in 2000, Innova Technologies has gained an enviable reputation for supplying high quality health products to Latin America.

Icon_TimelySimple Ordering Procedures

Many customers choose to consolidate purchases from a number of suppliers to one single supplier – this simplifies ordering procedures and saves time and money. Innova Technologies offers this capability through a diverse product range coupled with various purchase options.

Icon_TimelyResponsive Technical Support

Customers are assured of prompt technical support, either by telephone or on-site, from our team technical specialists. Our full support service team operates during normal working hours

Proven Market Knowledge

  • Over 1,000 contacts in the health care industry in Latin America

  • Extensive opinion leader contacts

  • Ongoing market assessments

  • More than 14 years experience in health care market

Proven Capabilities

  • Leading distributor of health products to Latin America

  • In-House marketing group

  • Extensive field technical support organization

  • Management with leading company industry expertise

  • Central location in Miami, Florida

What do we offer to you?

  • Long Term Commitment

  • Planning, Implementation & Feedback

  • Dedicated Promotional Effort

  • Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Performance

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